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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yorkshire Folk: Reg Meuross at The Heeley Institute, Sheffield

Troubadour Reg Meuross with Jess Vincent in Sheffield

I have to confess to being a tad disappointed not to find the Wallace Hartley's violin on display at the Titanic Centre in Belfast. One of my favourite songs of Reg Meuross heard at The Heeley Institute in Sheffield was one which cast some light on the ill-fated bandleader's  violin strapped to the musician's chest and rescued from the icy seas. Meuross described seeing the violin in a Somerset auction house near his home before it was sold.

Reg Meuross had a gentle unassuming style that reminded me of Clifford T Ward but there was a bite to his eloquent songs  that referenced William Morris, Emily Davison, Tony Benn along with  more lighthearted fare.  A good raconteur he regaled us with self deprecating tales of his travels around the North of England folk clubs and set the context for his material with thoughtful softy spoken introductions.  For the latter part of his opening  set he was joined by Jess Vincent on various instruments.

The event was hosted by the Sheffield Committee to Defend Assylum Seeker's I am happy to report that the venue the venue was full and the audience responded warmly to the graceful troubadour and his accomplice.

 Listen to the first track of England Green and England and Grey here What Would William Morris Say  I note that the album features Chris Haigh on fiddle.

Read Martin Chiltons  ' 5 * review in the Daily Telegraph  here 

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I bought my love a violin so he could play for me

I bought my love a violin to calm the waves of a stormy sea

There are those who say Wallace Hartley played

‘Nearer my God to thee’

But our souls were bound as that great boat went down

And in my heart the band played ‘Sweet Marie’
What Would William Morris Say
Tony Benn's Tribute to Emily Davison
DRiver Rail and  Road
Counting My Footsteps
The Band Played Sweet Marie
Pirate Song 
Lovesick Johnny 
I Won't Fall Asleep without your love 
It's Me or Elvis
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