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Sunday, November 25, 2012


By John Hartery

Amateur drama is getting a great boost at the moment with Sky Arts running a fine reality tv series covering the world of part time thespians. In Ennis the excellent local group  is  fresh from hosting the All Ireland amateur drama competition.

 The Ennis Players held their 27th Annual Supper Theatre this week in the Old Ground in Ennis, Co Clare. It was noted here last year that the supper theatre concept was a good one. This year’s offering didn’t buck the trend and was a delightful evening of fine local acting and good food.

The playbill this year was a couple of comedies. The introduction pointed out that the plays were directed by two first time directors to the group.

The first play was Mirror Mirror by Bruce Kane. This was a funny twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale directed by Eric Healy.  In this version the stepmother played by Colette McLoughlin engages with her mirror, played by an hilarious Tony Coffey, querying her beauty. A succession of princes appear to try and revive her stepdaughter the Charming Daughter. The role of the narrator was excellently and laconically played by veteran of the Ennis  Players , Arthur Forde. I felt the played lacked something in the sound stakes and probably could have benefited from placing the narrator closer to the action.

The second play, ‘ A little history on Elvis’ written by Jason Milligan and directed by Paul Carey was the stronger of the two with a more cohesive ensemble. The plot concerned Elvis hiding out in the home of an average couple somewhere in America. Mick Loughnane was very funny as an over the top Presley and another familiar face Hugh Gallagher played a fine part as the dad.

The Old Ground was right on cue when the drama concluded with a fine supper.

We wish Ennis Players well with their endeavors on the amateur circuit and await their next production.. Their website is here

Review Ennis Players Supper Theatre 2011

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