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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bel Canto with Emma Kirkby and friends at RIAM

Emma Kirkby Heather Tomala Nicholas Clapton at RIAM 
Simone Colavecchi
There was a teeny note of consternation at the door of the Organ Room at the RIAM in Dublin last Thursday. The performance by the tutors of the Bel Canto Summer School was sold out!. And no surprise really when the line up included  renowned early music specialist Emma Kirkby in a rare performance in  Ireland.
Thankfully , nobody was left outside the door of the elegant period drawing room and we were treated to a wonderful evening of singing and shared insights into the genesis of a  selection of  English and Italian early music by KIrkby and countertenor Nicholas Clapton .

When a performer is as lauded as Kirkby, you are a little apprehensive about hearing them , given the weight of expectation that accompanies the encounter. Kirkby was wonderful live. Added the purity of her voice was her  stance, the  graceful  gestures and facial expression  that animated her delivery. She wasn't just  performing -she was it , whatever iy was be it star crossed lover or the ghost of a little girl !  Particularly lovely with lute accompaniment by Simone Coalvecchi were two numbers by John Danyel to words by his brother Samuel. As an encore we heard participants Angie Hicks and Lauren ?  in a tender duet as a taster for the studnet showcase the following evening. A smiling Heather Tomala at the piano and harpsichord was excellent.throughout . I am facinated to read that in her spare time she indulges in a spot of Irish dancing. There now!

The organ room at the RIAM, Westland Row  is a most elegant double cubed space and a perfect size and acoustic for a chamber music concert.

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