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Friday, November 7, 2014

Jacob Deaton's Tribulation at Garter Lane

Jacob Deaton, Andrew Czibi, Kevin Lawlor 
Live jazz is a rare enough treat in Waterford so we went along to hear visiting American jazz guitarist, Jacob Deaton at Garter Lane last night. Deaton a  young man from Atlanta seemed unfazed by the low turnout and backed by a home team of Kevin Lawlor on drums and Andrew Czibi on bass gave a committed virtuoso performance of mostly original material with a standard. The extended numbers gave all three space to show their mettle and the mood was introspective, thoughtful. In the introductions, Deaton set the context of the numbers and was personable and charming and seemed genuinely delighted to be in Ireland. We could have forgiven a touch of grumpiness but there wasn't a trace in the Atlanta native's sunny mien. Kevin Lawlor was admirably restrained on drums and his subtle special effects fully exploited the possibilities of his standard drum kit with some lovely brush work. Andrew Czibi gave a virtuoso performance on bass. His extended solo in the introduction to No Sunshine was tricky using some avant garde playing techniques. All the more remarkable in that it is work Czibi is only very recently aquainted with. There was a touch of Ry Cooder's work on the soundtrack of Paris Texas on My Home blending folk and jazz.

Venue Notes: The presence  of a clearly identified front of house person to welcome  patrons was lacking.  It is disappointing to see no representative from WIT Music Department either staff or students or indeed any representative from the Jazz Weekend fraternity. Were any phone calls made by either promoter or Garter Lane to boost audience numbers?  It seems Waterford music lovers will turn out for a festival but not on a damp midweek evening in Winter. Such a pity

Set List

I have my reasons
Sketches of Trains
My Home 
I Remember You
No Sunshine  Bass solo Andrew Czibi
Inside Out 

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