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Saturday, August 9, 2014

War Pipes and Burgundy Blues

The Normandy Beaches: You can’t but be moved reading the testaments from surviving soldiers mounted on panels  at Omaha Beach. Of the many images, the one that lingers is of Bill Millin playing Highland Laddie and Road to the Isles on his bagpipes as his kilt floats in the water and colleagues fell around him. Bill Millin's story is told in this  TV report by Dan Rather

After Midnight 
Blues in Dijon Next stop Dijon. Capital of Burgundy. It is damp and drizzly and on Monday night with the Opera and Theatre dark, there is a sense that everyone is at home washing their hair or left town for the holidays. Images of Rameau are everywhere as the Dijonnaise celebrate a significant anniversary In the foreground of the splendid honey stones Palais de Ducs, there are signs of life at the Grand Ducs Brasserie packed with enthusiastic punters for a 4 piece Blues Band After Midnight which in one of those everyday ironies finished at ten..
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