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Monday, June 3, 2013

Bank Holiday Gigs in Waterford

You know you are quite famous when you are identified by just your first name and I went along to hear one such artist-the 60's icon Donovan at the Theatre Royal . He opened his set by launching straight into his first hit, Catch the Wind and proceeded to do half a dozen of his cheerful sing a long hits before pausing to tell a long winded yarn about the provenance of his emerald guitar. I was surprised to hear in contrast to his songs he  has a rather lugubrious  speaking voice with little trace of a Scottish burr. There was good enough  house with stalls and balcony almost full with an audience who while not actually wearing flowers in their hair were clearly  enjoying reliving aspects of their hippy dippy days. There was a significant number of younger patrons too with a pleasant support band, The Muggins opening the proceedings.

I was a child in the 60's and  not of it so Donovan was just before my time. Without that dimension of
Omega 3
past shared experience, I couldn't share in the sense of nostalgia required to carry the lightweight set . His voice has developed quite a wide warm vibrato that  I found difficult to listen to in a solo context  for an extended period .  Comparisons with another Glaswegian troubadour, Dick Gaughin  heard this month were inevitable and didn't favour Donovan. But his fans were happy. 'You can't take it away from him- He wrote some great songs ' said one man to me .

Leaving the Theatre Royal early, I repaired down the road to Jordan's to secure a good spot for local trio, Omega 3. The group fronted by Francie White  are always entertaining, delivering an eclectic set of songs with excellent accompaniment by Gerry Power and Michael Dower and witty asides but sad to say last night they were fighting a losing battle with chattering punters.  Yes I do know it is a bank holiday and this is a popular spot where people go to have a pint and a natter  and not necessarily to hear the band.  'I give up -too frustrating  ' said an Englishman on his way out who had come in to hear the group    Note to Imagine Festival organisers et al - If you are featuring this trio,  and I hope you do, please put them in a venue where we can actually hear and see them .

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