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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letter to the Editor, Irish Times:Limerick's Music Scene

Dear Sir,
Aoife Barry’s two page article in the Irish Times  (April 6th) on Limerick’s music scene was broad but  hardly comprehensive.  Although a range of genres were covered, no aspect of the classical music scene or indeed the jazz scene was covered, not even in the catch all section, ‘What else is happening in Limerick’.

On Saturday night at UCH, the 100+ strong Limerick Choral Union with a 50 strong orchestra gave a terrific performance of two wonderful choral works by Brahms and Guonod to a well filled auditorium.  The Association of Irish Choirs and the Irish Chamber Orchestra are based in University College Limerick and the LCU which also performs works by living composers, most recently  hosting Karl Jenkins,  is just one of several groups contributing to a healthy sphere of activity just as deserving of acknowledgement and recognition in any overview  of a music scene in the Shannonside  city in your pages .

Yours sincerely

Cathy Desmond



  1. What constitutes a 'scene'? I sent this letter (unpublished to date) in response to a extensive report on Limerick's music scene in the Irish Times recently

  2. You are so right Cathy! Classical music seems perpetually ignored in these articles. It doesn't quite fit with a popular culture 'scene'...

  3. I don't think it ever claimed to be comprehensive?

    These articles have a word count.

    Articles are written for a particular target audience in mind, the audience of the Ticket, of which jazz, choral and classical are not part of.

    Has the article prompted you to go out to shows in Limerick, or did you know all this information before?

    Would be a shame to not take any positives from an article on your area and only point out the negatives.

  4. Thanks for your reply Ernie. Indeed, I rejoiced to see lengthy coverage of arts events outside the Pale on your pages and commend the publication for it. Good to see Dolan's contribution to the scene highlighted.
    It comes as something of a surprise to me that jazz and classical audiences are not included in your target. I regularly consult the excellent listings and record reviews pages in The Ticket and always found these areas well covered with many smaller events listed.
    Yes, the article has alerted me to check out some unfamiliar aspects, particularly Wireless Folk and I was prompted to research the active jazz scene m in Limerick and was at terrific gig last night.

  5. I thefollow Rock scene in Limerick and no mention of many bands currently touring, I thought the article was more about the venues than the acts or diversity of the city. The Jazz scene/players in the Limerick are great and there should be more awareness. We also have great classical peeps. I didn't learn anything new from the article unforunatley.

  6. Thanks for your feedback. I thought the approach of looking at the scene from the angle of venues and promoters rather than the artists was quite a good one even though major venues UCH, LIT and Belltable spaces weren't listed even in passing. I agree with your comment on the jazz scene. I posted a review on an excellent gig recently and was quite amazed at the quality of the performers.