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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dick Gaughan in Miltown Malbay

'What's the use of two strong legs 
If you only run away 
And what's the use of the finest voice 
If you've nothing good to say'
              D Gaughan

No applause greeted  Dick Gaughan at the Malone's Market Tavern, Miltown Malbay last night. Instead an expectant silence prevailed as the  legendary Scottish troubadour stepped onto the small stage , took off his leather jacket,  and picked up his guitar to deliver a quietly ferocious set of songs. The list included  his own songs mixed with a selection   by Robbie Burns, Ewan MColl, Johnny Cash and contemporary Scot Brian McNeill.  Interlacing the set were monologues where he shared his trenchant  opinions on a range of topics including Scottish history, politics, social injustice and his education. A sense of outrage was tempered with humour,  ironic understatement and wit, all supported by  fine finger picking guitar skills. There was a  gentler moments when he sang Burns Now Westlin Winds which you can hear in the video clip above.. A small detail but it pleases me to report that he wore blue suede shoes.

'I think I know everybody here' declared Gaughan as he faced patrons in  the packed intimate venue.  The audience included several well known singers , songwriters and  folk musicians, some of whom had travelled some  distance to renew old  acquaintance or memories.  I spoke to one man  who said 'It is 30 years since I've heard him- he is like an aged Scottish malt , smoother  but as potent as ever'

Gaughan continues his tour with a performance in Dolans Limerick on Wednesday 8th May

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