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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sean Rocks / Arena / O Duinn

Whatever cribs I might have about the morning RTE schedule and the tendancy to interview a succession of inhouse guests from the RTE canteen, ( Kathryn Thomas interviewing Jimmy Magee most recent transgression in mind), I have no such complaint with the dedicated evening arts programmes.
I have just finished listening to Sean Rocks on Arena interviewing people involved in all areas of the arts. The guests included a travel writer, an American actress, a heavy metal rock artist and a really splendid interview with Pronsios O Duinn . I may have even missed one out.
I suppose technically O Duinn is an RTE employee but not one I am tired of listening to, who conveys an authority and enthusiasm for his topic. Equally comfortable whether his guest is a heavyweight music critic or a punk rocker,the presenter leaves space for the guest to inform and entertain and never seeks to impress his own knowledge upon the listener and one suspects he is very well informed. Super !
I don't know if I will manage to make it to Leisureland Galway tomorrow for the performance of the Concert Orchestra and the Galway Baroque Singers but this interesting and informative interview really made me want to be there.

Well done Sean Rocks. I didn't feel like switching over to Mark Lawson once during your programme

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