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Friday, June 11, 2010

Flamenco at Glor

A quartet of performers from the Alma Flamenco troupe brought a real flavour of Spain to Clare last night with their show Al- Andar. The group comprising male and female dancers, singer and guitarist performed with real passion and their presentation not overly flashy added to the impression of the troupe's authenticity.

Dancer Felipe Algeciras, (the dancing feet who provided the sound effects for Antonio Banderas on the Mask of Zorro) looking quite demonic in red suit and boots performed a lengthy sequence that brought the audience to its' feet . I note that in common with Irish tradition, fellow performers regularly gave words of encouragement to the soloist .

While the show was entertaining , it would have added something to know something of the subject of the songs.What terrible torment was singer Jimenez singing of that made him clutch his chest and assume an such an expression of anguish.


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