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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stringschool Summercamp 2010

Pulling out all the stops at Stringschool Summer Camp

The young participants of the Cathy Desmond Stringschool Summer Camp gave a special lunchtime performance at Colaiste Muire last week. Over the course of the week long course, the participants discovered a range of musical styles and rhythms and had a chance to try out a selection of musical instruments They delighted their audience of family and friends as they demonstrated their new skills acquired within the week .

The concert opened with the Violin Ensemble and a pizzicato rendition of Twinkle Twinkle followed by a Foxtrot . Then it was bows down as the ensemble regrouped to form a drum circle for a Latin American rhythm the Cha Cha Cha

The Latin American vibe continued with a tango, La Cumparsita as the group next moved on to form relay teams to accompany some numbers using the imposing bank of double basses and cellos assembled especially for the camp. The grand finale featured the whole ensemble in a rousing rendition of the Beatles hit All Together Now.

Summercamp director Cathy Desmond acknowledged the valuable contribution of the invited guest contributors, which was a special feature of the course. Daniel Foley of Ennis Brass Band gave a demonstration of a selection of brass band instruments and spoke about the busy schedule of engagements of the band during the year and the bands entry programme for new starters. Tara d’Arcy of the Flute Pastilles performed a Disney selection on concert flute. A highlight of the week was the trip by the camp participants to visit the organ in Ennis Cathedral where parish music director Leon Walsh literally pulled out all the stops to show the young musicians the range of effects possible on this historic instrument.

Speaking at the end of the concert Cathy Desmond complimented all the students on their enthusiasm and their willingness to learn and wished them well in their future musical endeavours before the final encore from the guitar orchestra sent participants, families and guests home to the tune of the Beatles standard ‘All together now’,

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